miércoles, 24 de diciembre de 2008

garbage pail kid

la trinidat, venezuela
juan's outfit: fred perry polo shirt, no one jeans, bass shoes, ray ban glasses, vintage pleather bag
guilty pleasures: treasure hunting in garbage fields

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domingo, 21 de diciembre de 2008

firecrackers in crackass

crackass (caracas), venezuela
eugenio's outfit: lacoste striped polo shirt, levi's 501 jeans,
daniel's outfit: felix vogue t shirt, bensimon skinny jeans on both: adidas originals shoes, bag and belt, american apparel undies, and ray ban new wayfarers guilty pleasures: lip synching kylie's greatest hits, fondue de diablitos®, sundays at the mall
(sambil mainly)

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martes, 16 de diciembre de 2008

pupusea's christmas centerfold

barcelona, spain
renata's outfit: h&m green t shirt (worn as dress), red tights, counterfeit swarovski encrusted brooch.

barcelona, spain
renata's outfit: mango silver gray sweater, made-to-measure (someone else's measure) vintage tuxedo trousers, metallica belt, leopard print scarf (worn as headpiece de resistance)

barcelona, spain
renata's outfit: vintage silky-ish jumpsuit

barcelona, spain
renata's outfit: lupe tuxedo dress, red tights, purple and gold scaled suede shoes
guilty pleasure: dressing up for christmas, getting photographed and spreading love to her loved ones

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lunes, 15 de diciembre de 2008

on the street where you live

new york, united states
juan is wearing:
black jacket h&m, skinny jeans zara, scarf helmut lang, gold shoes supra.
juan was caught waiting for the sub. he had just bought some gorgeous counterfeit jil sander belt. where else? canal street.

martes, 9 de diciembre de 2008

london invades raval

barcelona, spain
barry's outfit: vintage black jacket, zara kids skinny jeans (stolen from boyfriend's wardrobe), prada scarf, vintage marc jacobs t shirt, converse shoes
accesories: vintage glasses.
guilty pleasure: eating tapas all over raval (and barcelona too!), buying kitchenware (including cooks). unfortunately, everything was closed that day. better luck next time dear!

domingo, 7 de diciembre de 2008

barcelona vintage

barcelona, spain
el invierno no puede tomarte por sorpresa. en esta ocasión volvimos a ver a este personaje comprando en una tienda de ropa vintage en el raval de barcelona.
aunque el invierno está cargado mayormente de colores clásicos, como el negro, el gris y el blanco, este personaje desacata la norma de lo sobrio y se arriesga con colores llamativos, dando color al frio invierno

miércoles, 26 de noviembre de 2008

barcelona / gran de gracia

top man coat, pull & bear t-shirt, h&m corduroy trousers, adidas shoes
accessories: vintage sunglasses, the whitest boy alive bag, ballerina pins
guilty pleasure: busted leaving the sex shop cabins – córcega – barcelona, and buying spanish prosciutto after a pleasant night at the cabins

h&m t-shirt, zara hoodie, top man coat, diesel pants, adidas shoes.
accessories: vintage sunglasses, the whitest boy alive bag, barcelona '92 olympic pins.
guilty pleasure: buying useless stuff at the hello kitty store.
busted leaving the sex shop with some magazines in the bag.

outfit henry cotton's coat, h&m scarf, uniqlo t-shirt, zara skinny pants, adidas shoes.
accessories: vintage sunglasses, magazzini generale pins.
guilty pleasures: compulsive vintage porn buyer.
finding relatively useful crap at the recycle points.