lunes, 28 de diciembre de 2009


barcelona, spain
monica's outfit: vintage jacket, shirt, scarf, and sunglasees, american apparel polyester micro-fiber tulip skirt , h&m leggings, bershka flats, ck and omega watches
guilty pleasures: "all i want for christmas is... me!"

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5 comentarios:

suburbia boy dijo...

Tan dívina, Mo.

Unorininal-it-boy dijo...

esta guardiana de la bahía catalana como mola!

Trishelle dijo...

This girl is gorgeous!

cottoletta milanesa dijo...

first thing: i love trishelle whoever she is.
second thing: mo' is feroshia! diva (is a female version of a hustler)

Monique dijo...

Amazing and beatutiful!
keep working girlll